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It is motivated by the reconciling work of God and seeks to extend His grace and mercy to others for His glory and not our own. It is an expression of love and stewardship of grace marked by humility, generosity, and hospitality and empowered by a passion for the glory of God.
John 13:1-20, 1 Peter 4:8-11, 2 Corinthians 8:1-9:15


Through the years, Eagles Wings Ministry has worked in collaboration with many organizations in their effort to create a village for the community that will promote the feeling of a sanctuary.

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Hope & Cope a Senior and Neurodivergent  Ministry

We provide support for seniors and individuals that are not Neurotypical by providing models, socialization, recreation,,entertainment, and personal enrichment. Our purpose is to prevent  isolation through encouraging  fellowship among peers and the community

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These two guys praying together was a touching moment._edited.jpg
Eagles Wings Training Program

Eagles Wings Training Program strives to provide an accepting environment where individuals with special needs can learn about Christ.

One Growth Volunteer Initiative

We inspire leadership, and nurture compassion by guiding people to actively participate in Service Projects. We create space to allow participants to see how their impact can directly shift and uplight our community.

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